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Selling On eBay & Launching New Website Today

Dugan ROUNDUP Ruffled Cobalt Blue Carnival Glass Bowl
SOLD – Dugan ROUNDUP Ruffled Cobalt Blue Carnival Glass Bowl

After a little more than ten years away, we are going to give eBay a try again (user name antiquefizz). It’s going to be slow and small to start out. Lots of stuff to learn and re-learn. It’s been interesting to see all the changes that have been made, and it’s going to take some time to get comfortable with using eBay again. There’s so much more information at your fingertips than there used to be. Listed a few items for sale earlier this week.

I’ve also re-launched the website. Again, lots of changes since our first ecommerce website in 2009. I’m still learning the new software. When I’m comfortable with how it all works, and sure that it is working properly, I’ll open the online store. But that is still a few weeks away.

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Booth #22 Is Closing

Dear Friends and Customers:

Westmoreland BRAMBLE Lilac Opalescent Ruffled Bowl

After 35 years collecting and dealing in antiques, I have decided to close my sales Booth (#22) in Mt. Pleasant. I want to thank Jim and everyone at Brown Bear’s Basket for taking care of my retail sales this past year.

I’m not quitting entirely though. Look for most of my inventory to move online (website, eBay, etc.). I might even go back to doing a couple of antique shows or fleas a year. I will keep you posted.