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Website Update

The temporary website closure announced April 26, 2020 is over. We are now open for business again!

We have finished responding to order confirmations and fulfilling shipping services that came in during the closure.

If you believe that we missed something connected to your order, payment, communications, or shipping please contact us.

Thank you for your understanding and patience this past week.

We really do appreciate your business.

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Covid-19 Pandemic Information

Our inventory has not been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, and we have had very minimal contact with other persons since the 10th of March. Everyone here is healthy and we trust you are doing everything you can to stay healthy too. If we become sick, are exposed to a sick person, or have symptoms of the virus we will suspend all business operations so as not to chance infecting anyone else including our mail order customers.

UPDATED MAY 20, 2020

Mail order sales only. We do not operate a retail store that is open to the public. We continue to accept orders through our website, eBay, etc. and are shipping via USPS. Service may take a couple of days longer than normal as we are limiting our exposure to other persons and places. We are doing what we can to make the best of this situation, and believe that we will get back to normal sometime soon. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we navigate through this pandemic.

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Customer Contact & Twitter

Email has always been the go to form of communicating with our online customers, but now we have a new option available for you. If you are a user of Twitter (or want to become one) you can now contact us via Twitter (@AntiqueFizz).

We have Twitter on our phones and the computer on the work bench. At some times, it might actually be a little quicker than using email. We will also be promoting inventory, and special discounts via Tweets.

Don’t get frustrated if we don’t answer your Tweet or Direct Message right away. We still do other things and aren’t constantly monitoring electronic devices. It’s also hard to hear those little dings and peeps the phone makes when I’m running power equipment. I will get back to you as soon as I see your message.

Recent Twitter Post

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Pre Prohibition Fulper Whiskey Jug

Fancy whiskey jug made by Fulper Pottery Co. of Flemington New Jersey. Figuring out this is Fulper was quite a relief. I’ve had this jug since the late 1980’s and despite hours of research (mostly before the Internet was available), I wasn’t able to identify the maker of this jug. This fall, while cleaning out one of the sheds where it’s been for probably 18 years, I found this and a few other good stoneware items. Thanks to the Internet and many years passed, it’s great to know there are people like Jack Sullivan out there blogging about this stuff. Thanks Mr. Sullivan!

This pre-prohibition jug was personalized in gold (fired into the glaze) by Fulper Pottery with the branding information from the brewery. This particular one is from the Elias Hyman & Son Co. of Cincinnati Ohio and contained their Keystone Rye Whiskey.

I’ll be posting more pictures later today as we ready this jug for listing on eBay.

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Antique Stoneware Advertising Ames Iowa A. M. Norris’ Groceries

A. M. Norris' Groceries Advertising Stoneware Beater Jar
A. M. Norris’ Groceries Advertising Stoneware Beater Jar For Sale

This is a really nice example of antique Iowa advertising stoneware from Ames Iowa. A. M. Norris’ Groceries beater jar with blue band. It might be Redwing. I don’t know for sure because it’s not marked.

The Norris’ Grocery Store was located at the corner of Main St. & Douglas Ave. in Ames Iowa. A. M. Norris and his wife made their home in the 900 block of Douglas Ave. Mr. Norris was a vice-president of the the Ames Ia. Chamber of Commerce. Their store slogan was “The House That Quality Built”.

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Selling On eBay & Launching New Website Today

Dugan ROUNDUP Ruffled Cobalt Blue Carnival Glass Bowl
SOLD – Dugan ROUNDUP Ruffled Cobalt Blue Carnival Glass Bowl

After a little more than ten years away, we are going to give eBay a try again (user name antiquefizz). It’s going to be slow and small to start out. Lots of stuff to learn and re-learn. It’s been interesting to see all the changes that have been made, and it’s going to take some time to get comfortable with using eBay again. There’s so much more information at your fingertips than there used to be. Watch for our upcoming eBay listings.

I’ve also re-launched the website. Again, lots of changes since our first ecommerce website in 2009. I’m still learning the new software. When I’m comfortable with how it all works, and sure that it is working properly, I’ll open the online store. But that is still a few weeks away.

Here’s what our old site used to look like….what a difference just a few years makes. circa 2013
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Booth #22 Is Closing

Dear Friends and Customers:

Westmoreland BRAMBLE Lilac Opalescent Ruffled Bowl

After 35 years collecting and dealing in antiques, I have decided to close my sales Booth (#22) in Mt. Pleasant. I want to thank Jim and everyone at Brown Bear’s Basket for taking care of my retail sales this past year.

I’m not quitting entirely though. Look for most of my inventory to move online (website, eBay, etc.). I might even go back to doing a couple of antique shows or fleas a year. I will keep you posted.